The Eagle® line is specifically designed for golf courses and similar mission-critical turf irrigation applications.

• Up to 160 psi discharge
• Up to 3600 gpm total flow
• Pumps directly from wet well
• Variable speed drives

Popular options:
• Mechanical filtration
• Lake screen pre-filter
• Mag meter flow measurement
• BACNET, SCADA and other communication protocols

SyncroFlo designs with the operator and owner in mind. We understand that if our pumps fail, you fail. That’s why we have honed our engineering practices past the point of perfection.
Some examples:
• Cast iron pump heads instead of steel. They cost a little more, but they are more durable and stable.
• We lay out our piping to maximize the pressure at the sprinkler heads.
• Our pump run switches are external to the operator interface. So you can operate the pumps even if it or the PLC are out of commission.
• We "unplug" the VFD when it is idle. This reduces the chance of crippling lightning damage by 99%.
• Any qualified technican can service our equipment. We will train and certify your favorite tech.

• SyncroFlo is unique in that we are the only manufacturer that makes packaged pump systems for municipal, plumbing, HVAC, industrial, fire protection, turf and golf course irrigation. This diversity gives us the ability to apply the technologies that we have developed for any product market to design optimum solutions for each specific application. Our ability to deal with custom applications is second to none.

SyncroFlo’s Committment
• Ethical customer treatment
• No kickbacks to specifiers
• Dependable equipment
• Cost efficiency
• Premium Engineering
• Longer life
• Less maintenance