Control Panels


Since 1962, SyncroFlo has been the industry standard domestic water booster pump for commercial buildings. For each project, our goal is 100% uptime, maximum energy savings, and lowest total cost of ownership.

SyncroFlo Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Control Panel Technical Data:
• Touchscreen Accessible Elapsed Time Meter(s), Power
Current, System Pressure, Flow Rate, Speed, PID any
Timer Setpoints
• Password Protected Touch Screen to Prevent any
Undesired Field Modifications
• RS-485 Communications to Drive (VFD) Network
• VFD Status Screen Including Frequency, Current,
Power, and kW Hours
• Pump Station Screen With Run Time, Starts, Alarm
Conditions and Fault-Log With Time Stamps
• Programmable Maintenance Reminders
• Data Written to Removable Compact Flash Memory
Card With Time and Data Stamp for Preventative
Maintenance, Alarm Logging, Remote Troubleshoot ing and VFD Data
• UL 508 Panel
• HMI Bypass Circuit
• VFD Mounted in the Enclosure up to 30Hp
• IP10 Touch Safe Circuit
• Standard Includes Sequencing Flow, Pressure, VFD
Speed, MaxiStore 2 and Power
• Power Restore/Fill Mode Sequence
• Startup Instruction Screens for Easy Setup
• Fan Cooled Cabinet
• Optional BACnet®/LonWorks® Integration Via
Modus® Communication Output
• Optional Upgrades To Larger Displays With Extended

The GOT1000 is one of Mitsubishi’s most popular series touch screens. Alarming and animation are standard programming features. Common hardware features
include an enhanced CPU.

• Multilevel Security Protection
• Graphical Trending, Data Sampling and Time
Scheduling Functions
• Advanced Maintenance and Diagnostics
• Ultra-wide Viewing Angles
• High Speed 64bit RISC Processor
• Embedded Communication Ports
• Compact Flash Expansion Slot
• Removable Flash Media/Screen Changer
• Multi Language Upgrade Available
• True Type Font
• Ease of Operator Navigation
• 3MB Onboard Memory
• Maintenance Free Design
• Custom Designed Start-up Screens Available

The FX3 Series open architecture is the original dual system-bus, high-speed, fully expandable compact PLC designed to seamlessly control communication, networking and analog. The FX3 Series uses its power and flexibility to provide a solution for a variety of applications. Over 6 million units sold, more than any other micro PLC.

• 3rd Generation Compact PLC
• Exchangeable Communication Expansion Boards
That Mount Directly Into the Main Unit
• Integrated Real-time Clock
• Full Control of VFD Parameters Via Network
• Additional Communication Options to Third Party
• Maintenance Free Design

The 700 Series is one of the most popular drives under 25kW in the world. Advanced features and functions such as USB port for commissioning and monitoring with an embedded M-dial and display. The 700 Series promises to continue Mitsubishi’s long history of providing the best micro drives in the industry.

• 150% Torque at 1Hz and 200% Torque at 3Hz Using
General-purpose Magnetic Flux Vector Control • Password Function for Parameter Setting Protection
• Integrated Digital Communications to the PLC
• Advanced Energy Savings Mode (Reduces Power at
Low Demand)
• 550 Motor Leads Without dV/dT Protection
• Advanced Tuning Mode
• 100K SCCR Rating
• Integrated PLC Communication
• 10 Year Maintenance Free Design