Domestic Water Booster


"If there is no water, there is no business." 
John, Plumbing Foreman, major commercial building, Chicago, IL

Continuous pressure is not just a convenience, it’s a safety requirement. The problem with most pump systems installed today is the lack of customization available from the manufacturer for the project. Here at SyncroFlo we have 5 specially designed product lines innovated to fit your exact needs. No product is right for every building. We select the right pump for your pressure, flow, and business needs. We analyze every aspect of the design so there is no long term problem. We tailor each project for the customer.

To learn more about our specific product lines please click our Booster Pumps lines below.

 Model  Flow Range (gpm)  Pressure Boost (psid)  Best Suited for
 CondoFlo  5-25  5-25 Houses and condominiums less than 5 units
 IronHeart Lite  5-100  5 – 50 Light duty commercial building applications
 IronHeart  100-800  10-100 Commercial buildings 5 – 20 stories tall
 EconoPhase & ES  0-1000  10 – 100 Hospitals, stadiums, and other commercial buildings with high flows or unique requirements
 Standard and DuoPhase VMS  50-1000  100 – 200  Tall buildings where a lower first cost are valued over efficiency and longevity
 Standard and DuoPhase VT  200-2000  100-400  Tall buildings where efficiency and longevity are valued over a lower first cost

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No arrangement is perfect every time! 12 Systems Overview gives you an overview of the most popular pump, control, and tank configurations.

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