Educational Facilities


For schools, you can’t afford to be without drinking water or fire protection. Often, your maintenance staff is spread too thin. You need redundancy and simple operation. The size of the equipment can be larger than most companies can manage, or more complicated. This all has to be accomplished while retaining extreme cost efficiency, the burden of which will fall on the owner for the life of the system.

For 45 years SyncroFlo has been supplying Educational facilities with customized equipment. Its HVAC systems and water boosters are in thousands of buildings world wide.

Syncroflo’s PRISM is the most cost effective and reliable HVAC on the market today. The PRISM is pre-packaged and fully certified when it shows up on you door step for your utmost convenience. Syncroflo’s water booster, IronHeart, is also a leader in its field. IronHeart has the capacity to supply a 10 story dormitory or class building. Have bigger needs? We have a large product line in the area that will more than satisfy everything you are looking for.

In today’s economic climate, owners are finding unprecedented numbers of bidders on their projects. Bid prices are plummeting, as contractors find any way to keep afloat. The only way the contractor can make money is to find (fabricate?) as many change orders as possible. Change orders cost the owner much more than their value, and embarrass the engineer. So it makes sense to minimize the number of change orders as much as possible. Today, forward-thinking owners and engineers are specifying packaged pumping systems, to improve quality and efficiency, and reduce expensive change orders.

SyncroFlo’s Committment:
• 45 Experience
• Premiere Quality
• Factory Construction
• Extensive Pre-testing
• Cost efficiency

Fire Protection Case Study
Duke University – Packaged FIre Pumping System

Turf Irrigation Case Study
SyncroFlo Gator that uses creek water to irrigate a typical high school’s ballfields. (Requires IE 6.0)