End Suction Booster


EconoPhase and ES systems use end-suction pumps like the IronHeart, but with more options.
• Up to 100 psi boost
• Up to 300 psi discharge
• Up to 1000 gpm total flow
• Positive suction required

Popular options:
• Variable speed drives
• HydroCumulator energy storage
• Instrumentation upgrades such as digital measurement and display
• BACNET and other communication modules
• Witness testing, either in person or via webcam

Operator Safety Through Quality Manufacturing:
Each system contains the right combination of pumps, motors, and controls. And SyncroFlo accepts complete responsibility for every booster system component. To reduce the chance of property damage or personal injury, each EconPhase bears numerous industry certifications: ASME-NB Stamped HydroCumulator Tanks, NSF Certified components, and OSHA and NEC compliance. Both ETL and UL certify the finished prodct for compliance to all applicable standards.

Quality Assurance through System Testing:
In a typical plumbing system, it’s almost impossible to test the capabilities of the pump system on-site. You will be confident that the IronHeart on your site has passed SyncroFlo’s unique performance testing and quality standards before shipment. Every booster system and its component parts have gone thru a complete electric and hydraulic test. Testing includes a flow test from zero to 100% design flow rate under specified suction and net delivery pressure conditions. This is beyond the industry standard hydrostatic (pressure-only) test. Your only surprise will be how smoothly the startup went.

Optional X-Y plot test report, as well as live witness testing via the Internet, is available.

PLC Control: Our PLC control program gives the user many valuable options — sequence shifting, successive alternation, automatic 24 hour alternation, power restart sequencing, weekly pump exerciser function, permanent program memory, and adjustable lag pump start time delay.

With a SyncroFlo water pressure booster, you can rest easy knowing that the most experienced manufacturer has engineered the best solution for the conditions. 

Specification Files
> EconoPhase

> EconoPhase w/Remote Tank

> EconoPhase w/no PRV

> EconoPhase Remote Tank w/no PRV

> ES

> ES no PRV

Ready to Design?
No arrangement is perfect every time! 12 Systems Overview gives you an overview of the most popular pump, control, and tank configurations.
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