Introducing the EnviroHeart, rainwater treatment and pumping package for plumbing applications.

An important difference between this application and other water treatment applications is the availability of treated water, under pressure, in the building. Also, flushing toilets is a priority, regardless of the availability of rainwater. With these considerations in mind, SyncroFlo offers the following features:

  1. 1. An industry-leading IronHeart domestic water booster system is the heart of every EnviroHeart skid.
  2. 2. We recommend multistage centrifugal pumps for VFD boosters, or end suction pumps for constant speed.
  3. 3. We recommend the use of HydroCumulator tanks for most commercial buildings.
  4. 4. If the primary use for this water is toilet flushing, then we know that average demand is much much lower than maximum instantaneous. We recommend using a day tank to reduce the size of the filtration equipment.  Size the day tank based on expected daily use, and refill it every night.
  5. 5. If the water will be used for toilet flushing, we recommend UV and sediment filtration. Because the flow is lower, many customers find that they can afford self-cleaning filters, which will significantly reduce the monthly maintenance. Bag Filters and manually-operated UV lamps are available.
  6. 6. We recommend chlorine injection also, to maintain water quality for many days.
  7. 7. We provide a standby water connection, integrated to the control of the pumps and water levels. Depending on local plumbing codes and available city water pressure, the connection might be an air gap with solenoid valve, RPZ backflow preventor with solenoid, or RPZ with pressure regulating valve.
  8. 8. The control panel is the same PLC and color touchscreen as the VFD IronHeart. Because we use a Mitsubishi PLC and touchscreen, we can add the treatment and standby control functions without a significant cost increase. We monitor, control, and communicate all information pertinent to the collection, treatment, and use of the rainwater.