Landscape Irrigation Booster Pump

Gator® line is designed for more traditional commercial & residential turf irrigation purposes. We now make it in 3 levels of sophistication:

The Gator: The original is still the toughest constant-speed pump out there.

If all you need is a reliable constant-speed workhorse, then that’s all you need. But you’re still entitled to the same precision engineering and reliability that comes standard in any Gator. Designed to your exact pumping specifications for flow and pressure conditions, this pumping system reacts to condition changes in a snap. The weather-resistant, powder-coated steel cabinet blends quietly into the landscape. And Gator systems are available with capacities from 30 to 250 GPM. Whether it’s residential, commercial landscaping, or sport turf irrigation, a Gator will keep it green.

Introducing PropaGator VFD: A lot more Gator for just a little more green.

Feel like you’re stuck in the middle? Constant speed isn’t quite enough for you. But a full-featured VFD is more than you need and more than you’d like to spend. now there’s an affordable answer. PropaGator VFD pumping solution. Inside the lockable, weather protected, easy-access cabinet, you’ll find an impressive variable speed pump with drive-integrated controls. With a flow range of 50 to 300 gpm, the PropaGator gives you all the flexibility you need without added features that aren’t right for you. It’s a leap ahead of constant speed systems for just a little gator step ahead in price. It’s the kind of customer-focused solution SyncroFlo has produced for more than 40 years.

Propa-Gator Pro: A full featured VFD system for the most demanding turf requirements.

In the turf industry, there’s no margin for irrigation error. That’s why the PropaGator Pro pumps 50 to 600 gpm from a bulletproof cast iron pump with cast bronze impeller. It performs day after day– whether the days are 40 degrees or 100+ in the desert. The flexibility and reliability of the PropaGator Pro are unmatched. And it’s built with your mission-critical needs in mind. Alamrs alert you to an irregularity in pressure, flow, power, or even the flow sensor. And if any problem should arise, the 14-gauge, powder-coated steel cabinet is designed for quick access so you can get up and running right away. Some turf irrigation situations are just tougher than others. That’s why PropaGator Pro is, too.