LEED/Green Buildings


SyncroFlo builds pump systems for more markets than any manufacturer its size. So the new challenges presented by the LEED Certification Requirements and Sustainable Building Movement are nothing new to us. Irrigation with reclaimed water? Since 1991. Submersible pumps? Since 1993. Filtration? Since 1990. Variable frequency drives? Since 1983.

But beyond a points system and a checklist, Green Building design is about efficiency. Adding variable speed drives and upgrading motor efficiency is not the biggest opportunity. SyncroFlo has worked for decades to improve efficiency in more important ways.

First, SyncroFlo created a sizing guide which gives flow recommendations more realistic than Hunter’s Curve. SyncroFlo continues to stand behind its sizing criteria, to the point of guaranteeing the pump system will meet building flow requirements. To-date, no SyncroFlo pump system has failed to provide adequate flow, when sized according to the guidelines and properly maintained.

Second, SyncroFlo recognizes the significant efficiency gains possible with the right pump for each project. As the world’s largest independent pump system manufacturer, SyncroFlo is free to select from the largest vendor pool. Increased owner value is the payoff.

RainHarvest Systems is our partner for collection and storage solutions. 

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