Municipal Water Booster


In today’s economic climate, developers and municipalities are finding unprecedented numbers of bidders on their projects. Bid prices are plummeting, as contractors find any way to keep afloat. The only way the contractor can make money is to find (fabricate?) as many change orders as possible. Change orders cost the owner much more than their value, and embarrass the engineer. So it makes sense to minimize the number of change orders as much as possible. Today, forward-thinking municipalities and engineers are specifying packaged pumping systems, to improve quality and efficiency, and reduce expensive change orders.

• Flow test up to 8000 gpm
• Maximum 400 psi discharge
• Suction pressure up to 100 psi
• 375 horsepower total at 460V
• Maximum 48" headers
• Maximum 14′ x 35′ footprint

In-House Qualifications
• Independently owned
• No ties to any pump manufacturer
• Majority owner and CEO is a Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer
• Registered Professional Controls Engineer
• Six Sigma Black Belt
• ASME certified welders

• ETL certification of pump system to OSHA safety standards
• UL, UL-C certification of pump system to OSHA safety standards
• UL 508 control panel manufacturer
• Approved modular building manufacturer

• Tank to Tank System
• Tank to Grid System
• Grid to Tank System
• Grid to Grid System
• Plant Water
• Seal Water
• Turf Irrigation