Municipal Water Supply


When it comes to municipal water distribution, lowering the total cost of ownership is key. The looming problem in this industry is the increasing variability in field-built pumping stations. When stick-building, be sure to leave room for cost overruns and scheduling delays. Plus, the inability to rigorously test the systems means surprises later.

SyncroFlo has been a leading innovator in the municipal water pumping field since 1984. SyncroFlo employs a method of pre-site construction and flow testing that insures everything in the system is perfect the day it’s started. The pump station will also be perfectly adjusted and tuned, in order minimize delays at the job site. SyncroFlo has also become a pioneer in the industry through integration. SyncroFlo has many on-staff experts that have expertise in all the major manufacturers of the various components.

SyncroFlo’s Commitment
• Cost Efficiency
• 20 years Experience
• Controls PE on staff
• Max flow in-house testing
• Quick Installation and Startup
• Easy Integration

Custom Engineered Solutions
Every manufacturer has its standards. With SyncroFlo, you can be sure that you have a partner with the flexibility and expertise to evaluate every possibility for the best value. That goes for both hardware and software.

Preset and Tested: a SyncroFlo tradition since 1964

Since the beginning, SyncroFlo has always flow tested its water booster systems. Current capabilities are 500 gpm at 400 psig. Instrumentation is certified to NIST standards. Witness test, either in person or via webcam, is a recommended option. Click here to see SyncroFlo’s current flow test capabilities.

Does SyncroFlo have the experience and expertise in variable speed technology?

We built our first pump system with electronic variable speed over 25 years ago. Today, we manufacture variable speed control systems for a wide variety of applications. We routinely deal with high pressure and rapidly changing flow rates that are much more difficult to control than the low pressure, slower acting characteristics of the typical municipal system. Other manufacturers do not have this diverse expertise. We apply all of this experience on our variable speed projects so that each one gets the right type of control technique, without guesswork.

Does SyncroFlo program its pump stations to work with third party communications systems?

Our variable speed PLC programs are sophisticated and powerful. We have programmed our PLC’s to communicate with a wide variety of telemetry RTU’s in the municipal market as well as with building control systems in the Commercial and HVAC markets. In addition, we have written our own software monitoring and remote control software for use with our irrigation pump stations. Does SyncroFlo program its pump stations to work with third party communication systems? Yes we do!