Packaged Fire Pump


In today’s economic climate, owners are finding unprecedented numbers of bidders on their projects. Bid prices are plummeting, as contractors find any way to keep afloat. The only way the contractor can make money is to find (fabricate?) as many change orders as possible. Change orders cost the owner much more than their value, and embarrass the engineer. So it makes sense to minimize the number of change orders as much as possible. Today, forward-thinking owners and engineers are specifying packaged pumping systems, to improve quality and efficiency, and reduce expensive change orders.

But before you develop quality fire pumping packages, you’d better know the codes inside and out. Plus, you need to be flexible enough to work with the local regulations. Many pump manufacturers claim to have experience in fire protection, but just put together pieces to meet the national code, rather than designing products that fit the need and work together reliably.

SyncroFlo’s fire protection solutions are top of the line because of our team’s experience. Gretchen Scheib, who heads up fire protection solutions, has 20 years of fire pump experience. Since earning her Chemical Engineering degree, she has been focused on understanding every aspect of fire codes, designing, and installing fire protection systems. This mastery of the codes, coupled with the seasoned engineering practices of SyncroFlo, allows for the creation of highly optimized fire protection solutions.

Detailed Description
SyncroFlo packaged fire pumping systems save time, labor and change orders on site. Cost-effective, completely self-contained skidded or housed units precisely fit specified areas, and require only system piping connections and a single point electrical hook-up. Housings are built to accommodate required environments with lighting, heating, ventilation, insulation, weather protection, alarms and easy access opening.

Before shipment, each pump station must pass SyncroFlo’s unique system testing and quality control standards. After installation, users are supported by a network of factory trained service representatives qualified to provide on-site system service and user training. All SyncroFlo packages meet OSHA and Federal Regulation 29 CFR 1910.399 and NFPA Pamphlet 70 National Election Code (NEC) for third party certification. Excellent design, quality construction and knowledgeable personnel provide the reliability required for a SyncroFlo Fire Protection System. SyncroFlo is one of the few manufacturers certifed by an independent third party (ETL) to meet the specific regulations of packaged fire pump systems, including UL 448, UL 1247, UL 1004, and UL 508.

Customization Options
SyncroFlo can design your fire pump solution with electric or diesel drivers. We offer inline, horizontal split case, or vertical turbine pumps to meet site or flow requirements. As the largest fire pump system manufacturer not owned by a pump company, our buying power and flexibility are unique.

Typical Fire Pump House

Detailed Specifications
• Built in accordance with NFPA Pamphlet 20
• Third Party Total System Certification through both UL and ETL
• Fully Prefabricated
• Internally piped and wired
• Factory Installed Tamper Switches
• Factory Tested
• Single Source Responsibility
• Automatic or Manual Operation

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Fire Protection Components
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