Performance Testing


SyncroFlo pioneered the concept of pumping system packaging in the 1960’s. Factory testing is the best method to be certain of performance capability in the field. In many instances, factory testing is the only systematic way to test the pumping package at design point. It also saves time during installation, since the pumping system arrives at the jobsite with all adjustments preset to the specified conditions.

Trained instrument technicians conduct a battery of hydraulic and electrical tests designed to reliably assure predictable pumping system performance. Jobsite conditions are precisely duplicated and each system is conveniently "field tested" in our factory before it is shipped. The many adjustments and startup problems associated with field-built pumping system installations are effectively eliminated. The levels of testing are detailed below.


 Maximum Flow  8,000 gpm
 Maximum Discharge Pressure  400 psig
 Maximum Suction Pressure  100 psig
 Maximum Incoming Power  600 amp
 Maximum Motor Horsepower at 460V  375 (total connected)
 Maximum Number of Systems Connected Simultaneously  5
 Maximum Number of Systems Tested Simultaneously  2

Control Panel Test
SyncroFlo tests the control panel before it is installed on the package. A technician tightens all connections and tests the PLC logic: all circuitry is checked for shorts and continuity, in accordance with our 3rd party certification. All controls are adjusted to the values shown on the Control Panel Data Sheet.

Pressure Test
Prior to flow testing, all electrical and mechanical connections are tightened. Electric motors are tested for correct rotation A SyncroFlo technician tests for leaks and sets all relays, pressure switches and control valves.

Flow Test
A SyncroFlo technician adjusts incoming water pressure to be equal to the specified minimum suction pressure. The pump system is then flow tested from 0 gpm to duty point. Accuracy is ±1% at system duty point. Like the hydrostatic test, all pressure switches and control valves are set for the jobsite conditions. All alarm conditions are simulated and control logic is thoroughly tested. 

Certified Flow Test Option
When specified, SyncroFlo will certify the performance of this pump system with a plot of pressure at flows from 0 GPM to system duty point. The X-Y plot will show pressure to be within tolerances throughout the entire flow range.

Wire-To-Water Efficiency Certification Option
SyncroFlo will certify the wire-to-water efficiency of this pump system at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of system flow. The data collected to calculate wire-to-water efficiency is as follows:
 Data  Measuring Device  Units
 Incoming Pressure  Pressure Transducer  PSIG
 Outgoing Pressure  Pressure Transducer  PSIG
 System Flow  Flow Sensor  GPM
 Electrical Power  Kilowatt Transducer  Kilowatts

Wire-to-water efficiency [WWE (%)] is then calculated as
 Outcoming Power   =  System Flow * (Outgoing Pressure-Incoming Pressure)
 Incoming Power     Electrical Power * 53.08

Witness Test Option

All SyncroFlo system tests may be witnessed by the owner, engineer, or contractor. The system test will begin approximately one week before the scheduled shipment date. Witness can be in-person, or via webcam.