The PRISM® is an affordable primary-secondary pump end suction system concept. Prepackaged, fully tested, certified before shipping to your site. PRISM® systems can handle chiller capacities from 100 to 1,000 tons, boiler capacities from 2,000 to 20,000 MBH and typical system flow rates of up to 2,000 GPM.

Typical equipment includes:
• Flex-Coupled End Suction Pumps
• Premium Efficiency Motors
• Multipurpose Valves on Primary Pumps
• Suction Diffusers on All Pumps
• Butterfly Valve Isolation Valves
• Control by 1 Flow Transmitter (by SFI) and up to 4 Differential Pressure Inputs
• Individual Motor and VSD Circuit Protection
• Factory Assembled – not a Kit
• Factory Flow Tested at Design Conditions

Mechanical Options:
• Spring Isolators for Skid
• Hoist for Pump and Motor Service
• Integrated Air Separator/Bridge/Building Loop Return
• Witnessed Flow Test

Standard Panel features:
• Control by 1 Flow Transmitter and up to 4 Differential Pressure Inputs
• PLC Logic Control
• 40 Character 2 Line Operator Interface
• Alarm History Function
• BAS Outputs Indicating Secondary Loop Flow, Individual VSD Speeds, Individual Pump Run Contacts, Individual Pump Fail Contacts, General Alarm Contact
• VFD Secondary Pump Control w/A-T-L Bypass
• Individual Motor and VSD Circuit Protection

Panel Options:
• Additional Pressure Inputs (16 max.)
• Additional Analog Outputs (8 max.)
• Upgrade to Hot-Tap Paddlewheel Flow Transmitter. 1 ft. Shielded Cable
• KW Display
• Best Efficiency Sequencing
• Wire-to-Water Efficiency Sequencing
• System Load Display
• Individual Pump Fail Alarm Circuits
• Gauge Panel with Supply, Return, and Individual Pump Pressure Gauges