Vertical Turbine Booster


A DuoPhase or Standard VT system uses vertical turbine pumps for superior efficiency, pressure control, system life, and reliability.

• 100 – 200 psi boost
• Up to 300 psi discharge pressure
• Up to 2000 gpm total system flow
• Column-mounted over storage tanks or
• Barrel-mounted if positive suction pressure exists (shown at right)

Some popular options are:
• Variable speed drives are a recommended option in many cases, improving efficiency, reliability, and performance
• Instrumentation upgrades such as digital measurement and display
• BACNET and other communication modules
• Witness testing, either in person or via webcam
• Remote or local energy storage tank

The DuoPhase® System permits major operating savings through the use of the HydroCumulator® which allows complete pump shutdown while maintaining constant system pressure under minimum or no-load conditions. Resulting energy savings are typically greater than 25%.   

For applications that do not experience periods of low-flow or no-flow conditions, specify the Standard Booster Pumping System. Same quality components and options, but no tank. The lead pump runs continuously, eliminating pressure surges.

Vertical Turbine Pump System Specification File

> VFD DuoPhase Remote Tank Remote Pressure Transmitter 

> VFD DuoPhase Remote Tank

> DuoPhase with Local Tank 

> Continuous Run Constant Speed Vertical Turbine 

> VFD Continuous Run Vertical Turbine

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