VMS Water Booster


VMS systems are for use primarily in areas that need a pressure requirements beyond the upper limits of the IronHeart family, but first cost is more important than total cost of ownership. VMS Systems uses vertical multistage pumps with stamped stainless impellers.

• 100 – 200 psi boost
• Up to 300 psi discharge pressure
• Up to 1000 gpm total system flow
• Positive suction pressure required or
• Submersible pump installed in storage tank

Popular options:
• Variable speed drives are a recommended option in many cases, improving efficiency, reliability, maintenance requirements, and performance
• Instrumentation upgrades such as digital measurement and display
• BACNET and other communication modules
• Witness testing, either in person or via webcam
• Remote or local energy storage tank

As with any pump, vertical multistage has its advantages and disadvantages. In plumbing applications, where the flow rates are usually well below the pump manufacturer’s limits, system integration is paramount. All the ostensibly right parts can very easily be poorly coordinated. That could mean an early death to the pumps, relief valves, even water heaters and softeners. Trust a packaging company that has wide and long experience with all types and brands of centrifugal pumps. Trust a packaging company that has options. Trust SyncroFlo.

Vertical Multistage Domestic Water Booster Guide Specifications
> VFD with remote tank 

> Constant Speed with PRVs with remote tank

> Constant Speed with PRV’s with local tank

> VFD with local tank

Vertical Multistage Domestic Water Booster Drawings
> Duplex 4" Headers VFD

> Triplex 4" Headers Variable Speed